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Chico, California
Below is a list of flights to or from Chico Municipal Airport. To find out what other passengers have paid, which airline offers the lowest fares, or which has the most flexible schedule, select the flight to see more detail.

Remember, be flexible in your travel plans in order to get the lowest fare to Chico Municipal Airport. The best deals may be limited to travel on certain days of the week (often Tuesday through Thursday, or Friday night through Sunday morning) or particular hours of the day (e.g., late-night departures). Check the detail page for each flight to view the low-fare carrier and the airline that flies this route most often.

Chico Municipal Airport Scenery for FSX

Airport News
Letter: Don't give up on flights out of Chico airport
Chico Enterprise-Record, 13-Sep-14 10:08 AM Mountain
We've been following recent letters in the E-R regarding Chico Municipal Airport. We've started our travels from Chico for several years, and would continue. The main reason is the staff, both TSA and SkyWest folks. Kind, competent and relaxed, these staff ...

Hotels, Motels & Lodging Near Chico Municipal Airport (CIC), Chico, California, 10-Sep-14 12:56 PM Mountain
Chico Municipal Airport (CIC), Chico, CA hotels, motels and other travel lodging options are listed below in order of their distance from Chico Municipal Airport (CIC). Click on any California hotel or accommodation from the list below to view information ...

Chico mayor has ideas for air service
Oroville Mercury-Register, 19-Aug-14 12:47 PM Mountain
CHICO >> With the city looking at airport management and SkyWest Airlines leaving Chico, it's time to talk about what's happening with air passenger service at the Chico Municipal Airport, says Mayor Scott Gruendl, who issued suggestions earlier this week ...

SkyWest to axe Humboldt County-Sacramento flights
Times-Standard, 18-Aug-14 09:38 PM Mountain
SkyWest also recently announced that it would be pulling commercial services from the Chico Municipal Airport by December due to underperformance and unprofitability. Chico's airport saw a decline in the number of passengers from over 32,000 in 2000 to ...

Chico city manager: SkyWest decision to leave Chico not a surprise
Paradise Post, 15-Aug-14 02:14 AM Mountain
Reached this morning, Orme said he understands the business decision behind SkyWest's announcement Thursday that it would end commercial service to Chico Municipal Airport on Dec. 2. Orme said he was informed about the decision Thursday afternoon and ...

Milestone layoff forces workers to compromise, compete
The Orion, 27-Jan-14 04:53 PM Mountain
Milestone is located next to the Chico Municipal Airport. The buildings used to belong to Build, another major employer that laid off several workers around the same time as Milestone.

Airport fire station closure could stop some flights
KRCR News Channel 7, 30-Jun-13 05:39 PM Mountain
If Chico's Fire Station 3 is closed due to budget issues, it would mean the end of commercial flights to the Chico Municipal Airport. The Chico Fire Department may ask for the closure of the station, but Federal Aviation Administration rules won't allow ...

Huge indoor pot grow proposed at Chico airport
San Jose Mercury News, 31-Aug-10 08:08 AM Mountain
The building at the Chico Municipal Airport Industrial Park, once occupied by clothing distributor Koret, is being eyed by Plant Properties Management, LLC. The Los Angelesbased company has hopes of creating a business model in Chico unparalleled in the ...

Aero Union flies into long-term hangar lease at McClellan
The Business Journal, 07-Dec-08 09:54 PM Mountain
... ran out of room at its Chico Municipal Airport headquarters. The McClellan facility offered a way to expand immediately, as opposed to building additional hangars, Farinsky said. This week, Aero Union was doing maintenance work on a NASA P-3 aircraft.

Chico Airport Goes Wireless, 27-Nov-06 04:58 PM Mountain
With the recent addition of a wireless Internet connection at the Chico Municipal Airport, Mikkelson will now be able to connect in Chico, as well. "People have to be there so early," Mikkelson said. "Instead of just sitting there, you can conduct business."

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Chico Municipal Airport Travel Tips: Be flexible in your travel plans in order to get the lowest fare to Chico Municipal Airport. The best deals may be limited to travel on certain days of the week (often Tuesday through Thursday, or Friday night through Sunday morning) or particular hours of the day (e.g., late-night departures).

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