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Paducah, Kentucky
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Remember, be flexible in your travel plans in order to get the lowest fare to Barkley Regional Airport. The best deals may be limited to travel on certain days of the week (often Tuesday through Thursday, or Friday night through Sunday morning) or particular hours of the day (e.g., late-night departures). Check the detail page for each flight to view the low-fare carrier and the airline that flies this route most often.

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Airport News
Chicago winter weather causes cancellations at Barkley Regional Airport, 04-Feb-14 04:08 PM Mountain
PADUCAH - A mix of ice and snow has caused some flight cancellations at Barkley Regional Airport. An airport spokesperson says that these cancellations are due to the weather in Chicago rather than what people are experiencing in the Local 6 region.

Winter weather delaying flights in Ky
KFVS12, 05-Jan-14 12:04 PM Mountain
At Barkley Regional Airport in Paducah, United Airlines cancelled all flights in and out of the western Kentucky airport for Monday and Tuesday because of the freezing temperatures. Airport officials say the cancellations are because of icing at other air ...

Paducah airport flights cancelled due to winter weather, 05-Jan-14 12:44 AM Mountain
PADUCAH - Some flights to and from Barkley Regional Airport have been cancelled due to anticipated winter weather in the coming days. The list of flights cancelled so far is as follows: Saturday 10 p.m. Arrival Sunday 6 a.m. Departure Sunday 2:30 p.m ...

Closure of control tower at Owensboro airport delayed
Evansville Courier-Press, 05-Apr-13 05:55 PM Mountain
... expressed some concerns regarding whether the airport would lose some general aviation business and possibly some economic development prospects because of the loss of its tower. Barkley Regional Airport in Paducah and Southern Illinois Airport at ...

Barkley Regional Airport gets word tower closure is pushed back
12KFVS, 05-Apr-13 04:00 PM Mountain
Barkley Regional Airport received word from the FAA that it will delay the closing of their traffic control tower until June 15. There are 148 other towers have been slated to close, including a tower in southern Illinois. An airport spokesperson says the ...

149 Contract Towers will be closed due to the FAA's sequestration implementation plan - Here are 5., 28-Mar-13 05:57 PM Mountain
At that time there were 139 aircraft based at this airport: 77% single-engine, 14% multi-engine, 4% jet, and 6% helicopter. Source: Wikipedia. Barkley Regional Airport, Kentucky. For the 12-month period ending May 24, 2011, the airport had 27,259 aircraft ...

FAA: 2 Ky. towers to close because of budget cuts
Kentucky New Era, 23-Mar-13 05:53 AM Mountain
Pilots flying into and out of Owensboro-Daviess County Airport in Owensboro and Barkley Regional Airport in Paducah will be responsible for keeping proper distance from each other while in the air and for their own safety during takeoffs and landings.

FAA to close 149 airport control towers because of sequester
The Business Journal, 22-Mar-13 03:27 PM Mountain
But the agency said 40 of those towers will remain open. The control towers scheduled to close in Kentucky are at Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport in Owensboro and Barkley Regional Airport in Paducah. The airports in Indiana are Columbus Municipal ...

Cuts could close 3 Ky. airport towers
Kentucky New Era, 23-Feb-13 07:31 PM Mountain
Two other airports in Kentucky also made the list: Bowman Field in Louisville and Barkley Regional Airport in Paducah. The FAA has said it would also have to furlough a majority of its workers if the cuts go into effect. Owensboro airport general manager ...

Official: Airline will continue service to Paducah
Ventura County Star, 08-Dec-11 04:56 PM Mountain
PADUCAH, Ky. (AP) - A federal transportation official said Barkley Regional Airport in Paducah will continue to have regional service if the U.S. Department of Transportation fails to approve a bid from an airline by the end of the year. DOT spokesman Bill ...

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  Airport: O'Hare International Airport (ORD)

  Flight: Paducah, Kentucky to Chicago, Illinois

Barkley Regional Airport Travel Tips: Be flexible in your travel plans in order to get the lowest fare to Barkley Regional Airport. The best deals may be limited to travel on certain days of the week (often Tuesday through Thursday, or Friday night through Sunday morning) or particular hours of the day (e.g., late-night departures).

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