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Stockton, California
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Stockton Metropolitan Airport

Airport News
Plane ride stirs memories of missions past
The Record, 10-Nov-14 04:56 PM Mountain
The three took off from Stockton Metropolitan Airport in Lockheed PV-2D Harpoon owned by Taigh Ramey, who operates Vintage Aircraft and Stockton Field Aviation Museum. The plan was to fly out to the San Francisco Bay Area, flying over Veterans Day events ...

Stockton Airport To Expand Airline Capacity, 17-Sep-14 05:56 PM Mountain
18--STOCKTON -- With a $1.4 million federal grant in hand, Stockton Metropolitan Airport should start construction ... co-signed a letter to FAA administrators in support of the Stockton airport grant. Contact reporter Reed Fujii at (209) 546-8253 or ...

A Chance Encounter Results in A Partnership of Restoration
For Construction Pros, 19-Aug-14 12:32 PM Mountain
Interim Airport Director of Stockton Metropolitan Airport and Bill Fields, floor specialist and President of Surtec, Inc., (a local chemical manufacturer) resulted in a partnership of restoration. They discussed the airports desperate need of a cosmetic ...

San Joaquin County Airport Upgrade Approved
The Post News Group, 15-Jan-14 11:24 AM Mountain
The San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a $28.5 million in improvements to the Stockton Metropolitan Airport. The five-year plan would allow for staff to apply for the funds to make renovations to runways and lighting and other ...

Are Stockton Metro Airport improvements in the "air"? | Community
Stockston Central, 13-Jan-14 01:56 PM Mountain
A $28.5 million, five-year plan has been proposed by San Joaquin County officials to maintain and support growth at the Stockon Metropolitan Airport.. A major component of the plan is the construction of a U. S. Customs inspection station to accommodate ...

Passengers headed to Hawaii get stuck in Stockton, 26-Nov-12 11:32 PM Mountain
For some travelers, a $99 one-way ticket to Hawaii turned into a 26-hour wait at the Stockton Metropolitan Airport. The second-ever Allegiant Air flight from Stockton to Hawaii was delayed Sunday because of mechanical problems. It eventually departed at 7 ...

New Non-Stop Flights from Stockton to Hawaii Announced
FOX 40, 19-Nov-12 01:11 PM Mountain
Allegiant Air has started a run from Stockton Metropolitan Airport to Hawaii, the budget airlines announced Monday. The company says that the fares will be as low as $104 per person. Scheduling out a mock-trip, a flight for two adults that departs on Nov ...

Stockton airport prepares for crowds when Allegiant launches Hawaii flights
The Business Journal, 12-Nov-12 12:11 AM Mountain
California's Stockton Metropolitan Airport has reorganized its terminal ... The newspaper also reports that the Stockton airport also made upgraded its parking lot by installing an automated parking control system in preparation for the Allegiant flights ...

Aloha from Stockton?
Manteca Bulletin, 14-Dec-11 03:13 AM Mountain
You might be able to catch a flight to Hawaii out of Stockton Metro Airport starting in mid-2012. It is one of several scenarios Allegiant Airlines is working with the airport on to expand service out of Stockton. Another includes providing the first ...

Stockton Airport sees record month
Contra Costa Times, 12-Oct-10 08:08 AM Mountain
STOCKTON -- Passenger traffic is slowing at Stockton Metropolitan Airport as the travel season peak ebbs, but Allegiant flights to Las Vegas still carried a record 3,174 travelers in September, 73 percent more than in September 2009. In addition last month ...

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Las Vegas, Nevada $162 359 170
  Airport: McCarran International Airport (LAS)

  Flight: Stockton, California to Las Vegas, Nevada

Stockton Metropolitan Airport Travel Tips: Be flexible in your travel plans in order to get the lowest fare to Stockton Metropolitan Airport. The best deals may be limited to travel on certain days of the week (often Tuesday through Thursday, or Friday night through Sunday morning) or particular hours of the day (e.g., late-night departures).

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