Flights from the Springdale, AR area to the Broken Arrow, OK area

1 airport combinations found. Here are the flights you might consider:

$682 Little Rock National Airport
Located in Little Rock, Arkansas
to Will Rogers World Airport
Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Estimated RoundTrip Airfare: $422

Plus Additional Driving Miles: 257 Estimated Driving Cost: $260

About the driving portion: It is 146 miles from Springdale to Little Rock National Airport. Once at your destination (Will Rogers World Airport) you will need to drive 111 miles to get to Broken Arrow. The price above assumes you'll be making a round trip, so driving miles have been doubled.

About the flight: The average one-way fare between Little Rock National Airport and Will Rogers World Airport is $222.00. FareMeasure estimates a round trip ticket will cost you about $422. The total price shown above in green combines both the driving cost and estimated airfare.

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